It is an expose by Dr. Judy Mikovitz, an Immunotherapy Researcher and MD who knows all the ins and outs behind HIV, The Flu Vaccine, The Kung Flu, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, the WHO, the CDC…all of those fascists trying to create a NWO.  IT MUST BE SHARED BEFORE IT IS TAKEN DOWN FOREVER.  The truth is out there.  It can NOT be hidden forever.





Researcher Says Wartime Vatican Archive Shows How Much Pope Pius XII Knew About the Holocaust — BCNN1 WP

The long-awaited opening of Pope Pius XII’s wartime records only lasted a week before the coronavirus shut the Vatican archives down again, but that was long enough for documents to emerge that reflect badly on the pontiff accused of silence during the Holocaust, according to published reports. In that week alone, German researchers found that […]

via Researcher Says Wartime Vatican Archive Shows How Much Pope Pius XII Knew About the Holocaust — BCNN1 WP

An expose on NYC and the pandemic


LINK #1:  A nurse practitioner published this video originally on YouTube.  Because she did not have any financial stake in any NYC hospitals, she agreed to do an expose that an RN friend of hers BEGGED her to publish on the mainstream media.  YouTube censored it, but the rights to it were purchased by Conservative  It is horrific to read, but people have to hear the truth.  DON’T RELY ON THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA — THEY LIE…ABOUT EVERYTHING.

Link #2 (Related to link#1):  Hospitals are getting paid MORE MONEY for patients who are “diagnosed” – a loaded word – with the Kung Flu.  This is why NYC is committing their crimes against the populace…to get MORE money from the government!

Link #3:  This link was also censored by YouTube, but not before it had 5,000,000 views and multiple shares.  There was such a huge outcry and embarrassment on YouTube’s part that it is now available again on there.  The video shows two MDs, both ER docs, both virologist, with 40 years experience between the two of them, discussing how the quarantine was unnecessary and how we are actually setting ourselves up for worse infections by not exposing our bodies to the antigens and letting them do their thing to protect us.  It is 55 minutes in length but well worth the watch.



New Beginnings

I suppose that there is a silver lining (or two…or three…) during this Kung Flu pandemic:  My family actually sits down and eats together; we are having real conversations versus texting back and forth; the dogs are getting a helluva lot more exercise; and…I’ve decided to make a career change.

I’ve been an RN since 1986.  I am grateful for my education and the knowledge base that I’ve acquired.  I’m happy that I’ve been able to make a difference in the lives of others.  But honestly…I don’t think that nursing was ever truly my bag.

There are many activities I love to do that give me joy such as music,  singing, guitar playing, arts and crafts, etc.  However, I recently discovered – quite by accident right before the damn shut-down – that I can make a living from my love of books and reading!  Who’dve thunk, right?  I’ve been known to edit books that I’ve read and send them back to the publishing company with corrections noted (in red ink, of course!)  It drives me absolutely bonkers to read poorly written articles, books, signs, or whatever.  I am a bit at a grammar nazi, I admit, and I have to make a HUGE effort to not constantly correct the people around me.

All of this has been leading up to a sudden epiphany – why not make money doing something that I’ve been doing for free for Lord-knows how many years?!  And so, I begin my journey to economic freedom, self-reliance, and lots of red-inking via a course I found on the net.  It is called “Proofreading Anywhere” and is very affordable.  I see it as an investment in my future.  Thanks to President Trump, I paid for it with less than one-third of the stimulus check I recently received.

Here’s the link if you are interested as well:

Now, all I need to do is finish ONE LAST ASSIGNMENT from my CSN course at Slippery Rock and then I can begin on my new journey.  I won’t be doing the practicum for school nursing (I’m POSITIVE that they are going to require a vaccine for the Kung Flu before working in a school district — and they may even do so for the subbing; if so, I am screwed sideways).  Since I have no desire to be a puppet of the NWO, this is a viable alternative.

It is a wonderful feeling to finally find a profession that fits like a glove!  Additionally, being my own boss, having the freedom to do the work from anywhere in the world that I happen to be, setting my own hours and salary, working on my own terms while not at the whim of others is greatly freeing to my spirit.

On that note:  May the Lord grant you the chance to truly find whatever moves you, and may you and your family be healthy, wealthy, and wise.  Shalom Aleichem!



Fun Things To Do At Home While Social Distancing

Wow…couldn’t sleep so I’ve decided to be productive with the overabundance of time on my hands right now.

Looking for fun things to do while self-isolating?  Here are some links with activities, suggestions, etc.  Stay safe and healthy, my WordPress friends.

  1.  World of Solitaire:  A fun, interactive site that allows you to play many different variations of this game.  You can choose your favorites and save them if you open up a free account.
  2.  AMAC Games Archive:  AMAC, for those of you who are not familiar with this organization: It is the conservative individual’s answer to the liberalism of AARP. This page has a number of games to pass the time away.  You do not need to be a paying member in order to partake of the entertainment.
  3.  Free Books – Project Gutenberg:  If you are a bibliophile like me, then I’m sure you will like this site.  It has a library of over 60,000 free books that you can download onto your tablet.  FYI:  “Project Gutenberg was the first provider of free electronic books, or eBooks. Michael Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg, invented eBooks in 1971 and his memory continues to inspire the creation of eBooks and related technologies today.” – quoted from website on the ‘About’ page.
  4.  Best Karaoke Games Online:  I love to sing.  I’ve been singing since I was very young and I haven’t stopped since (although some people may wish that I would!  j/k!).  I just bought a new karaoke machine to share with my daughter and granddaughter and we are looking forward to having some fun.  If you like doing karaoke, what better time to do it than now in the privacy of your own home!  That way, if you are off-key, there’s no one around to throw rotten tomatoes at you!
  5.  Documentary Heaven:  Are you a documentary aficionado?  Can’t get enough of true stories (or so they say)?  Then this site is for you:  
  6.  Zooniverse:  Are you addicted to learning about anything and everything?  Do you like to do research?  Well, for all of you scholarly types, here’s something that you may find of interest:
  7.  Funny eCards:  Just because we can’t get close to our friends and family doesn’t mean we can’t let know we are thinking of them.  This site will brighten your day and someone else as well.
  8. 1000 Free Coloring Pages For Kids:  A must-have to distract the little ones when they are driving you crazy!
  9. DIY Kids Projects:  Are you creative?  Do you like to work with your hands?  Well, Lowes has come up with some fun DIY projects that you can do at home.  The great thing about these projects is that most likely you already have the materials at hand!
  10.  Homemade Playdough  Fun for the adults as well as the kids.
  11.  MC Hammer & The Cha Cha Slide:  Need some exercise?  Wanna get the whole family involved (including the dogs)?
  12. Working out at home:  No gym required, no equipment required.  In fact, no clothing required if you are by yourself!  Great exercise workouts.

Well, that’s all for now folks.  Stay safe, stay healthy, stay sane!  Tune in tomorrow:  Same bat time, same bat channel!



BEWARE OF INCREASED CYBER-ATTACKS as more people spend time at home

Beware of what you click on when surfing the net, opening email, looking at ads, etc.  Cyber thieves have increased tremendously since the coronavirus outbreak.  These jag-offs are looking for ways to scam people, steal their identity, and do other nasty things to the totally unsuspecting.

Time On My Hands And Worrying Away The Wee Hours

First of all, I want to publish here everything that I have gleaned about the Wuhan/China/Kung Flu/Covid-19 Virus since first hearing about it back in mid-January 2020.  I want this to be accessible to anyone who is interested in knowing the truth that has been kept hidden from all of us.  I am so disturbed by all of my research and where it is leading that it would be a crime NOT to share what I know.  I will attempt to go in chronological order.

FACT:  George Soros, the supreme asshole of mankind, has been trying to derail the United States government for many years now through subversive use of his money.  He is behind the fall of several small countries.  He dips his fingers into everything that he possibly can to be a destructive force.  He has proven himself over and over again that he is against capitalism (which made him rich, along with stolen riches from Jews during WWII), and is a supporter of socialism.

FACT:  After Trump was elected, Soros and the dimmies were desperate to try and topple Trump in order to create a Socialist (read Fascist) country. He had discussed with others a last hurrah-type of an idea to topple the American government – creating a pandemic that would ruin the world economy, weaken Western civilization and allow the takeover of our government by evil-doers.

FACT:  Soros BOUGHT and FUNDED two BSL-4 labs in China back in 2017.  Guess where they were built?  You got it…Wuhan, China.

FACT:  China was told by the WHO (a politically-motivated organization that has been exposed as having members who directly receive money from China for helping them with their nefarious globalist plans) that their labs were not safe.  They were told that a leak of biohazard materials (read:  bioweapons – because why ELSE would one have a BSL-4 lab in a country known to do horrible things to its citizenry!!) could happen because of numerous safety issues.  China did not listen (and neither, apparently, did Soros.).

FACT:  (and this JUST came out in non-mainstream media), The Chinese were exposed for studying some sort of bat in their lab in Wuhan in 2017.  Now, the only reason animals are used as study subjects in BSL-4 labs is to study the effect of viruses on animals which could then be applied to humans in some way.

FACT:  The virus is first reported in December 2019.  Recent findings indicate that it may even have come out as early as September of 2019. A female doctor reported her findings of a new strain of coronavirus that is very similar to SARS which came out in 2002, and MERS, which came out in 2012.

FACT:  Mainstream media begins to report of an illness that has caused the death of “several” people in China (or so they would have us believe) in mid-January.

FACT:  A male Chinese doctor whistleblower tried to warn the world of this new virus.  He was shut down by the Chinese gov’t and later died from exposure to this lethal killer.

FACT:  Multiple Chinese families are reporting that those who had spoken out against the gov’t have mysteriously disappeared.  Included in this group are a number of journalists who tried to report on the growing problems.

FACT: A Chinese whistleblower who had come to the US discussed how China had come up with many different scenarios for taking over the United States.  In EACH scenario, with the use of “conventional” (read:  non-nuclear) weapons, they lost.  HOWEVER, in the last scenario, with the use of a bioweapon against the USA, our defenses were down, our people were weakened, and China was able to successfully overrun our country and take control.

FACT:  Several other whistleblowers said that the number of people sick and dying from this virus was actually MUCH HIGHER than what China was reporting.  China denied this of course.  Main-stream media is even beginning to question what China has told the world (as of very recent weeks).

FACT:  The virus is reported by the Chinese to only affect the elderly, those with chronic illnesses, and the immunocompromised.  However, if you look at the stats, EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY shows an entirely different story than what was reported – especially the recovery rates.

FACT:  The virus began to spread to neighboring countries.  As of this writing, it is now located in EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.  Luckily, the continents of the Arctic and Antarctica have escaped this deadly virus.

FACT:  The virus reached pandemic proportions by mid-February, but the WHO refused to call it what it was until March.  By then, tens of thousands of people had died in China.  Mysteriously, at this time, there are 21 MILLION less active cell phone users in China than there were PRIOR to the beginning of this nightmare.  Where did they all go?  Even if some people went to the Chinese concentration camps (aka:  re-education camps), that would not account for why the number of users has gone down in such a quick time.  In fact, the CCP REQUIRES everyone there to carry cell phones with them so that they can be tracked at all times.

FACT:  Due to mass hysteria, world supplies of food, PPE’s, etc. have become threatened.  Some of these shortages are created by the fear…some have been ARTIFICIALLY created by Demonrats who, through bungling, selfishness, evil intent, or otherwise, have created a 3rd world situation.  People are starting to wake up (finally) to the realization that depending on China for EVERYTHING has crippled our economy.  In addition, China has intentionally held back on the shipment of PPE’s that were made there.  In fact, I had received an email from the owner of a company there that makes and distributes masks.  He told me that the masks were made and ready to go.  However, they were sitting in shipping crates at Chinese docks because the CHINESE GOVERNMENT WAS NOT ALLOWING THEM TO BE SENT TO THE USA AND ELSEWHERE.  Speaking of hoarding, the SEIU had 3 MILLION masks sitting in a warehouse somewhere in CA.  They first insisted that they had this shortage of them.  When the truth came out, they ADMITTED that they had the masks…but tried to SELL them instead of sending them off to the hospitals that so desperately needed them.  NY is also guilty of hoarding.  Cuomo kept crying “We need vents.  We need beds!”  Meanwhile, it was discovered that they had 20,000 vents tucked away in a damn warehouse to be saved for “just in case.”  Mind you, Trump sent NY a total of 4000 vents before this came out.  NY had ALSO closed 20,000 beds over the past 20 years because they felt the money was not being made.  Now they say they don’t have enough beds for all of the Kung Flu victims.  Go figure.

FACT:  China has come out with more BS that blames the US for China’s actions.  Many libtards are buying into this and spouting this crap on social media.  Trump even called President Xi his “friend.”  Now, I like Trump, don’t get me wrong, but Xi is NO FRIEND OF ANYONE EXCEPT HIMSELF.  China is NOT our friend; they have consistently tried to poison us and our pets over the years, not to mention the very unhealthy conditions of the food factories where they prepare OUR food!

FACT: The REASON this virus is so dangerous is its virulence or ability to spread quickly and easily from person to person. Additionally, there is NO immunity because it was not present in this form in our world until created in a laboratory. Therefore, EVERYONE is at risk to get sick from it. The people who could die from it (like me) have a chronic health condition (diabetes being top of the list for people admitted to the ICU with the Kung Flu), may or may not be elderly, but certainly have co-morbidities that lessen the chances of recovering.

FACT:  Two scientific research studies came out that have been covered up or poo-poohed by the authorities and “discredited.”  One study shows that the bonds in the coronavirus contain parts of HIV – this has NEVER been seen before in any virus and is an indicator that the virus was man-made.  The other study showed that the furin bonds in the Wuhan Virus are much weaker than bonds normally found in the virus.  They stated that this weakness is what makes the virus so much more virulent – or easy to pass from one person to another.  These weakened bonds have not been seen in any other virus – more scientific proof that it has been tampered with.  So we have two worries here:  1)  the virulence and ease of catching it, and 2) the long-term sequelae that may occur in about 10-15 years:  a sudden upswing of AIDS cases in the world most notably seen in anyone who had survived the first round.  Currently, AIDS cannot be caught via aerosolization.  However, with the mutations seen in Covid-19, it could very possibly spread by both respiratory and body fluids – just as we are seeing today with this pandemic.  It should also be noted that it is HIGHLY UNUSUAL for a virus to live for so long outside the human body.  That it does is highly suspicious of human interference and the creation of a bioweapon.

FACT:  Currently, the Chinese are getting more and more brazen in their attempts to take over the economy.  They have infiltrated our businesses, gov’t, health system, ownership of land in the USA.  BTW, when I refer to the Chinese, I am talking about the CCP or Chinese Communist Party which is what their gov’t is called.  The citizens there are mostly innocent bystanders caught up in a horrific series of events that have gone from bad (when China first become a commie state) to much much worse.

FACT:  Not only have medical personnel people been called out of retirement to help deal with this crisis, but several hundred high-ranking officials in our government are now hiding out in the Cheyenne Bunker located 800 feet below the surface of the earth.  Over 1 MILLION ADDITIONAL individuals who are in the reserves have been called back to active duty.  Issues have been reported across the country regarding brief internet interruptions for whatever reason.

So, after reading this diatribe, are you coming to the same conclusions that I am?  Let me spell it out for you:  WWIII has already started with the use of a bioweapon and with the help of traitors in our country.  This is just the FIRST STEP.  SECOND STEP?  A full-blown invasion by the Chinese.  I wish I was wrong.  I certainly do NOT want to be right about my fears.  However, life, as we know it in our beloved country, is about to change forever.

So, I now call every patriot out there to arms.  We must do whatever we can to protect our country.  Our forefathers set up a very unique and wonderful system for us to live by and continue.  We CANNOT let it die.  NOT NOW. NOT EVER.

Who Made the American Flag? | Wonderopolis









And so, gentle readers, it is now 0347 in the morning.  I have not had a good night’s sleep for quite a while now.  I feel saddened by what I see going on in the world.  I worry for myself, my family, my country.  I cannot and will not be silent.  Look what silence got the Jews in WWII.  I will leave you with this quote from John F. Kennedy, our 35th President of the United States: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what YOU can do for your country.”