The flu season is here…and it’s a doozy!

Well, folks, that dreaded time of year is here again, and I’m not talking about the holidays.  Flu season!  And this time around, young adults seem to be targeted by the Victorian strain of this flu, which is also very virulent.

Best things to do:

1)  Get your flu vaccine if you haven’t already and it’s not medically contraindicated.

2)  Wash your hands — FREQUENTLY!

3)  Cover your mouth and nose after coughing and sneezing; be sure to wash your hands afterwards.

4)  Try to get plenty of rest — a good night’s sleep will boost your immune system.

5)  Wear a mask in public if you ARE coughing or sneezing.

6)  If you are sick, STAY HOME!  If it is a family member that is sick, establish a sick room area for them in the home to keep them isolated from others and to keep from spreading the illness.  There are some meds you can take via prescription to help keep your symptoms down and to lessen the length of illness, but only if prescribed and not medically contraindicated.  Check with your doctor.

7)  For more information on the flu, prevention, and treatment:


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According to Michael Phelps everyone peels in the pool. “Chlorine kills it so it’s not bad,” he says. But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the most decorated Olympian of all time is very, very wrong. Yes, chlorine is added to water to prevent the spread of germs. But the CDC says […]

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Yes, Exercise CAN Help Depression, Anxiety, and a Myriad of Other Problems!

Let me just bloviate on this and say the following:  Yes, I am NOT a medical doctor nor am I am a licensed, psychologist.  However, from MY OWN personal experience, once I started exercising on a regular basis, I was able to be weaned off of my antidepressants entirely and my fibromyalgia also improved greatly!  So, yes, I do recommend that patients – either in or out – should be advised to include exercise as tolerated into their daily lives (pending medical approval of course!)

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Ways to help oneself stop over-eating

There are definitely some good suggestions here to help one stop from over-eating.  Now…if only I could follow this on a consistent basis!  

Huizen, J.  (2019).  What are the best ways to stop overeating?  Medical News Today (May 23).  Retrieved from

I am my own worst critic

I know that I am not a bad nurse…and yet, when I make a stupid mistake, I always feel like I am the worst person and nurse in the world.  It could be as simple as calling the right name/wrong number, but it does not matter.  I am working on not being so hard on myself for doing stupid shit, but sometimes I feel like it is a constant uphill battle.  At least, thank G-d, I’ve never caused anyone harm or killed anyone!  There’s always that.  I could use a big shot of self-confidence right now…if only!  “S

I guess I just have to keep on trying to do my best, learn from my mistakes, and try very hard to not repeat them again…and again…and again.   Sigh.  Feeling very low right now.

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